Looking Back on Feb. 1, 2012


100 Years Ago, 1912
Captivating “Dutch Kiddies,” dashing “Mexican Vaqueros,” fascinating  Indian Maids,” and “Pucks” galore filled New Odd Fellows Hall, Pleasant Street, Auburn, Tuesday evening, when the United Order of Pilgrim Fathers gave its annual masquerade ball.
Even the harem skirt was there, and as a contrast to “George Washington,” made an opportunity for many to remark. After the grand march, the couples spent the remainder of the evening dancing, and the strange combinations of milk-maid and dude, Mexican boy and Indian maid, whirled about the hall in a myriad of mystery.

50 Years Ago, 1962
Auburn City Manager Woodbury Brackett said his office will expand bid requests “further afield” but insisted it will not be “influenced by any shade of politics.” He pointed out, however, that where two or more bids may be alike, he definitely will favor the Auburn concern if an Auburn concern is involved.

25 Years Ago, 1987
The Walcrost farmhouse on Elm Street in Sabattus was burned by firemen from Sabattus, Wales and Monmouth on Sunday afternoon. The forenoon was spent igniting and extinguishing small fires throughout the house, under the direction of Training Officer Normand Lebel of Sabattus, and the president of the Androscoggin County Foremen’s Association, Lt. Lyle Boutin of Monmouth. Many of the firemen were given a chance to learn the value of the emergency breathing equipment.