Looking Back on Feb. 10, 2012


100 years ago, 1912
To Lewiston and Auburn people sheltered by the building and accommodated by all local car service, the strong wind of Saturday had no significance. But on the country roads it was different. No trolley car went through to Waterville. The big rotary plow was sent to Gardiner and all day has been working between there and Sabattus, with the help of a smaller plow. It was though the cars were able to reach East Auburn late Saturday.

50 years ago, 1962
Androscoggin County jail inmates have completed the base course of aqua and buff paint on the four rooms except for the sheriff’s office which comprise the sheriff’s department headquarters in the county building. They receive $1 a day for their labor. The last time the sheriff’s offices were painted it was done by a jail inmate in 1951. The inmate was artistically inclined and did a “real fancy job” throughout all the offices.
25 years ago, 1987
It took 11 hours of hard work to remove a pick-up truck from the bottom of Lake Thompson in Oxford Saturday. It dropped through the ice on opening day of ice fishing season a week ago and it rested in 45 feet of water approximately 150 yards from shore. The salvage operation began Tuesday night when holes were cut in the ice in order to run a cable from the shore and attach it to the truck. Three divers had planned to inflate barrels and lift the truck from the muddy bottom. However, the regulators kept freezing, making it impossible for them to breathe underwater.