Looking Back on Feb. 11, 2012


100 years ago, 1912
It has been officially announced by the managers that Darrington, a local handcuff artist, will jump from the Hall and Knight building on Canal Street into the waters of the canal, with his hands firmly shackled behind him and otherwise bound at 12:45 Wednesday afternoon of this week. This, it appears, is the free exhibition which Darrington is to give in Clifford’s Hall on the night of the 14th. Here he is to escape from any and all ropes and handcuffs, including a large box and a mammoth milk can filled with water.

50 years ago, 1962
Mayoralty candidate Donia J. Girard of Lewiston stuck up for the “little people” in a campaign statement issued last night, declaring that “any candidate for mayor should be proud to be identified as one of them.” The “little” people, Girard said, are behind Lewiston’s good name and excellent reputation. In his statement, Girard said, “One candidate for mayor has openly stated that there is no place on his team for ‘small thinkers.’ There is only room for the big thinkers.’”
25 years ago, 1987
The St. Dominic Regional High School Drama Club is sponsoring an evening with the Maine Acting Company with a production entitled “Hot ’n Cole.” Proceeds will help buy a new lighting board for Brother Bert and his students. Champagne and hot and cold hors d’oeuvres will be served following the play.