Looking Back on Feb. 16, 2012


100 years ago, 1912

Unusual excitement was caused at the Democratic caucus in Lewiston Thursday evening by a fight over the possession of the check list. The scene was not a credit to the party or the city. Noel Gravel, aged 71, who has been warden in Ward Six for 17 years, alleges that he was struck in the face by Arsene Cailler, the city marshall. Marsall Cailler said after the fight over the list had taken place, “Well, what could they expect? I was chairman and had to have that list.”

50 years ago, 1962
Lewiston Realtor Charles Levin announced last night an additional three-quarters of a million dollars in construction is planned at the Northwood Park Shopping Center, with the new stores and other buildings expected to open late in May. Among the new buildings are a 40-lane bowling alley, a drive-in branch bank, and a drug store. The drug store space, 30 by 100 feet, next to The Mart, already is under construction.

25 years ago, 1987

Despite pleas to give health-care facilities a break, Auburn city councilors agreed Monday to let the city begin charging companies for certain fire alarms that turn out to be unfounded. Rachel Alward of Central Maine Health Care Corp. noted that statistics supplied by the city for the workshop indicate “it appears there are as many false alarms, if not more, in industry.” She said that while health-care centers are required to have such alarm systems, industry is not under the same constraints.  Only certain situations are chargeable, including lack of maintenance and negligence, while alarms caused by weather or electrical service interruption would not cost the business.