Looking Back on Feb. 17, 2012


100 years ago, 1912

MOTORISTS ATTENTION — With our new Dry Cleaning Plant just completed, we are now prepared to do cleaning and repairing of all kinds of Auto Garments on short notice. No work to difficult, no cleaning to fine for our experts. We also call attention to our club system of monthly cleaning and pressing.
Lewiston Steam Dye House Co., 139 Main St., Lewiston. Joseph Leblanc and Sons. Phone 611-52

50 years ago, 1962

A money bag containing $136.70 in bills and silver was found last night in the driveway to the Teen Den at Stephens House, Auburn, by three Lewiston High School girls and returned to the owner. The money contained in a First-Manufacturers National Bank money bag was recovered when one of the girls, aged 14, stumbled over it. It had been dropped by the owner’s son when he took his mother to the Teen Den. The girls took the money to the Auburn Police Department and they were there when the owner appeared to claim the money. “He was a happy man,” said Auburn Police Lt. Leslie F. Stewart. The girls turned down a reward offered by the money’s owner.

25 years ago, 1987

The ballast of a fluorescent light fixture started a fire in the parts room of the Oxford County Telephone and Telegraph business office in Buckfield Sunday afternoon. Robert Jamison, president of Oxford County Tel. and Tel., said a cleaning woman who was in the back storage room smelled smoke and called Larry Burnham, the on-call telephone maintenance person. Burnham said when he opened the back door, the smoke in the ceiling ignited into flames. He tried a small fire extinguisher, which was ineffective in putting out the blaze. Burnham then called the Buckfield Fire Department. On a Sunday the fire could have spread quite a distance before anyone discovered it, Jamison said.