Looking Back on Feb. 21, 2012


100 years ago, 1912
A game was scheduled between the Edward Little High School basketball team and a team made up of Lewiston High students and calling themselves the Lewiston High Independents, but Lewiston school authorities will not allow them to play as an independent team. The punishment for playing against the orders is expulsion from the school.

50 years ago, 1962
The high placing yesterday of Johnny Bower of Auburn in the Nordic Combined event of the Zakopane, Poland, last night drew highly complimentary comment from two veterans of the international ski event. “Terrific” was the opinion of Wendall (Chummy) Broomhall of Rumford, who is an internationally famed expert on cross country skiing. “Good showing,” said Andrew (Mack) Miller, ex-Olympian and now coach of skiing at Stephens High School, Rumford. Another ski authority expressing his pleasure was Zeke Dwelley, Bower’s coach when the Auburn skier was attending Edward Little High School.

25 years ago, 1987
Customers at Lewiston’s Motor Vehicle Registry like the idea of a state emblem on their license plates, but many think a pine cone or tree would be more appropriate than a lobster. New white license plates with red and blue lettering and red lobsters in the center are scheduled to become the official state plate July 1. Legislators are considering giving motorists the option of purchasing plain plates.