Looking Back on Feb. 23, 2010


100 years ago, 1910

All arrangements for the observance of ladies night at the Kora Temple, Order of the Mystic Shrine, on Thursday evening Feb. 24, are now completed. Unusually large delegations are coming from Portland, Bangor, Waterville and Augusta — members and their ladies from all parts of the State are planning to attend this, the State social event of the season.

50 years ago, 1960

The Lewiston Fire Commission last night changed two physical requirements which must be met by candidates for the fire department.

The minimum height requirement was advanced from five feet, seven inches, to five feet, eight inches. Minimum weight was increased from 140 to 150 pounds.

Chief Roland G. Dumais told the commission that, generally, most departments are now increasing their height and weight requirements.

25 years ago, 1985

The Monmouth Historical Society on Friday night voted unanimously to accept ownership of the Monmouth Museum. The museum’s founder, H. Earle Flanders, said he was donating the six buildings and their contents — an astounding collection of items ranging from the prehistoric to the present — in order to keep them accessible to the townspeople and others.

Though there are a wide variety of things to be seen at the museum, the hallmark of New England — hard work — is the common thread connecting all the artifacts. The museum is a reminder of the days when craftsmanship was more than just an empty promise, for even today, years after they were replaced by technological innovations, nearly all of the tools still work.