Looking Back on Feb. 27, 2012


100 years ago, 1912
PASTORS SPEAK; PEOPLE AROUSE! Stirring Call from Lewiston and Auburn Pulpits on Sunday; Shameful Conditions of Vice and Crime Disgust Everyone; Sermons Full of Wise Suggestions and Moving Appeal To Our Citizens. Through sermons Sunday, Lewiston and Auburn pastors called for public rebuke of shameful conditions in the community. They did not mince words, but spoke out bravely, yet conservatively. The results are apparent. Today everyone makes it the theme of the hour.

50 years ago, 1962

Lewiston firemen took care of a couple of pigeons yesterday. Aerial Ladder Truck No. 2 and crew went to 38 Middle Street at 4:57 p.m. to pick up two pigeons which had become entangled on a television antenna, of all places. Strings which had somehow got tied to their feet became twisted around wire on the antenna. Fire fighters got them free and let them fly away.

25 years ago, 1987
Nationally-known poet Maya Angelou appeared before a standing-room only crowd in the concert hall of the Olin Arts Center at Bates College Thursday night, varying dynamic poetry readings with anecdotes and humor. Courage, love, survival and hope were the central themes of her talk as she read from her own works and those of poets Paul Lawrence Dunbar, Georgia Douglas Johnson, Anne Spencer and Waring Cooney. “Poetry tells you that someone else has been there before you, and survived, and was able to laugh at it, or weep at it,” she said.