Looking Back on Feb. 29, 2012


100 years ago, 1912
At a Leap Year Ball given by the ladies of the Universalist church in the Norway Opera House Thursday evening, the ladies acted as escorts, did the “honors” to perfection and, in fact, reminded one and all of the time-honored custom of this being the year for the women. Men were escorted in until it seemed the hall would not hold another couple and none of the women forgot to check their partner’s wraps at the cloak room. Following the Grand March, a turkey dinner was announced in the Concert Hall, and a better turkey supper was never served in Norway. Here, as at the dance hall, the women were the entertainers, and in the common expression, “footed the bills” cheerfully.

50 years ago, 1962
It seems that Carol Ann Hall of Lewiston has two namesakes at the University: Carol Ann Hall of Camden and Carol Ann Hall of Monson, all seniors. They have been receiving each others mail, laundry, telephone calls, bank statements and bills. When the girls were photographed recently, the Bangor Daily News assigned cameraman Carroll F. Hall, former Lewiston Daily Sun photographer, just to add to the confusion.

25 years ago, 1987
Pennie Cummings,  Auburn School Department computer coordinator for grades kindergarten through eight, recently described a three-year plan to place more computers in schools. School officials are seeking $62,000 in the 1987-88 budget to finance the second year of that plan. A computer lab, complete with 18 terminals, was placed in the middle school this year. There, eighth-grade students are taught the basics of computer use, especially keyboarding and word processing, by a full-time teacher.