Looking Back on Feb. 6, 2012


100 Years Ago, 1912
Just a little fun was enjoyed on a main line car Friday morning by a small dog, a young man and a young lady. The young lady was taking her dog for a ride and the young man sitting across the aisle was something of a ventriloquist. At frequent intervals a little bark or whine would be heard and to the careless observer came from the dog and the young lady was kept busy quieting him. To those who recognized the source from which the sound came it afforded no little amusement.

50 Years Ago, 1962
A Lewiston mayoralty candidate today took a long look at urban renewal in a talk before the noon luncheon at the Lewiston Exchange Club. He said “urban renewal is a vague subject,” and pointed out that the provisions of urban renewal are still unknown to most citizens. He went on to state that “if properly used for the direct welfare of the general public, it can be very helpful and useful.”

25 Years Ago, 1987
The new president of the Androscoggin County Bar Association says he is in the mood for a celebration. Alan Stone of the Lewiston law firm Clifford Clifford & Stone isn‘t inclined to throw a party over his recent election by about 100 peers in the local bar association. Instead, Stone wants to throw a birthday party for the United States Constitution which is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year. Stone says he hopes to organize seminars, law days and various presentations for the purpose of increasing public awareness of constitutional rights.
“People don’t  actually read the constitution,” he said.