Looking Back on February 12


100 years ago, 1914
A shell of ice enshrouded walls supported by charred and blackened timber marks the wreck of the $35,000 four story brick building at 199-201 Lincoln street, owned by Mrs. Pierre Provost of 59 Fourth street, Auburn. In the biting cold of Thursday night firemen from Lewiston and Auburn fought the worst fire for years with the whole tenement district of lower Lisbon street for the prize, and were counted fortunate to confine the flames within the building. The damage is estimated at $80,000 with insurance hardly covering a third that amount, causing one of the heaviest actual losses by fire in Lewiston for several years. The building and its contents were destroyed. The origin of the fire is unknown, the entire interior being in flames when the first fire trucks arrived. Tenants were driven out with hardly time to pick up their wraps, but saving property was impossible. The first alarm from box 66 rang in at a few minutes before eight but at 9:34 with all the hose and every man of the Lewiston department at work and the men weakening under the double strain of work and terrible cold, Chief Moriarty decided to call for assistance from Auburn.

50 years ago, 1964
The Lewiston Public Works Board last night at its regular meeting voted to remove snow around the Northwood Park Shopping Center. The board agreed to remove snow from the underpass to the top of the crest on Main St. after every snowstorm, and that the area from Montello St. to Switzerland Rd. should be done during less pressing periods.

25 years ago, 1989
The Pine Tree Warriors are planning the celebration of their 30th anniversary on Memorial Day weekend. Eighteen committees are working on the event. The Warriors normally celebrate their anniversaries every five years and the last one was held in 1984. The Warriors are asking all former members who would like to attend some of the activities planned for the celebration to please contact their secretary, Lorraine Auger. Some of the activities include open house, banquet, anniversary ball, Memorial Mass, alumni dance, hobby contest, large-screen video of the Warriors in competition, and other events. It is believed that the Warriors have had more than 2,000 members since it was founded in March of 1959.