Looking Back on February 13


100 years ago, 1914
OF LOCAL INTEREST — The biggest and handsomest sign in Lewiston and Auburn is going up on the Cushman-Hollis Shoe factory, Auburn, extending the entire south front, around the corner and along the east end. It is nearly 160 feet long and four feet wide, in raised gold letters on a sanded black background.

A horse attached to a sleigh, driven by Frank Reed, who was accompanied by Miss Orr, became frightened Friday afternoon at the sound of coal falling upon an iron chute and turned suddenly, throwing the occupants of the sleigh out. The coal was being shoveled into the house of Dr. Hawkins on Pine street, Lewiston.

50 years ago, 1964
A flare-up in a pan of gasoline at a Lincoln St. garage today caused a two-alarm fire which, had it not been for quick work on the part of the Lewiston-Auburn fire departments, well might have spread to tenement blocks housing some 13 families. Flames tore through the Joseph E. Pomerleau garage at 221 Lincoln St. at mid-morning after gasoline being drained from a defective gas tank ignited as workmen were getting under the car. The flames from the pan of gasoline spread throughout the main floor of the two story garage, severely damaging the building and several vehicles stored there. Pomerleau told the Journal there were 11 cars and a pick-up truck stored in the Lincoln St. level of the building and two trucks in the basement. All were damaged, as was the car upon which the work was being done.

25 years ago, 1989
Joey Gamache Jr. will have to fight “backwards,” according to trainer Tony Lampron, in order to be successful against Felix “The Cat” Dubray on Thursday night, Feb. 16, at the Lewiston Armory. That’s the problem a left-hander presents. Dubray is taller than Gamache by at least three inches, but Gamache unleashes his most effective weapon, the body punch, against taller opponents. Dubray is also quick, but quickness is something Gamache is not short on. No, it’s not Dubray’s size or quickness that worries the Gamache camp. It’s the fact that he’s a lefty.