Looking Back on February 18


100 years ago, 1914
(ADVERTISEMENT) COLONIAL CARNIVAL at Lewiston City Hall, three nights this week, Wednesdays, Thursday and Friday, at 8 o’clock sharp. One hundred ladies and gentlemen in colonial costume. Hall and stage a beautiful picture of colonial days. Performances of “The Colonial Rival Choirs” by 100 in costume. The Colonial Minuet and Grand Colonial Ball on Friday night. The carnival is open afternoons free to all. Entertainment by the children. Oyster supper Friday, 25 cents.

50 years ago, 1964
Irving Rodman, head of the Dane – T – Bits Biscuit Co., squelched last night a rumor concerning a further shutdown at Cookieville. Rodman said no such action is contemplated, that instead the second shift will be back at work as soon as some new bakery units are installed. The company head said the new bakery units reportedly were shipped yesterday and should be delivered here by the end of the week. He said it will take about a week or so to install the new units and then the second shift will be back at work. Currently only one shift is at work turning out cookies.

25 years ago, 1989
Recent state recommendations designed to improve the water quality of the Androscoggin River are inadequate, a member of the Androscoggin River Committee said this week. “Odor, foam, color — it doesn’t seem any of those things has really been addressed,” Peter Rubins said of the recommendations regarding water classifications of the river made by state Department of Environmental Protection staffers. Rubins, an Auburn resident, is on the board of the Androscoggin River Committee, a local non-profit corporation that formed about two years ago to act as a vehicle for public comment and oversight of the river. He is submitting a letter expressing his concerns about the recommendations to the Board of Environmental Protection, the governing arm of the DEP.