Looking Back on February 22


100 years ago, 1914
A large transaction in real estate has been completed this week in the purchase by Walter E. Rose of Greene of the land of William Briggs at Lake Grove. This very valuable lot of land is described as two acres more or less in extent. It adjoins the Lake Grove property owned by the electric railroad and in reality includes a part of the grove. On this lot was situated the house, which recently burned. Mr. Rose says that he has bought this land to be developed by himself in the interest of making Lake Grove a more attractive` and popular resort. He has not, as yet, determined just what he will build but he is formulating plans which may take effect his season. The land had been in the possession of the Briggs family for over 80 years.

50 years ago, 1964
Lewiston will be a real swinging town next weekend as the American Snowshoe Union holds its annual Congress in the Textile City. It is expected that some 1,200–1,500 snowshoers will be on hand for the contests and festivities. Albert E. Cote, president of the Snowshoe Convention Committee, today released the schedule of events for the three-day affair which will draw people from Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Canada. Friday on Feb. 28 the first event of the convention will be the Coronation Ball at which the snowshoe queen and her two princesses will be crowned.

25 years ago, 1989
More than $650 damage was done to several buildings on Lincoln Street, Lewiston, Tuesday afternoon as city snowplows cleared the street. Damage to windows, siding and screens was reported at 270, 272, 440, 506, 528 and 534 Lincoln St. between 1:15 and 2:30 p.m. Police said the plows “threw snow, slush and water with force,” so that it struck objects as high as 20 feet above the road. A spokesman for the public works department said the department would pick up the tab for the damage.