Looking back on Jan. 04, 2010


100 years ago, 1910

Paul Chereskus, a Lewiston Polander, is suffering from a broken nose, the cause of which he claims is the fist of Joseph Balchunis of Lisbon Falls. The men were together some days ago when they had trouble and it is alleged that the Lisbon Falls man smote the Lewiston resident so hard in the face that the nose was broken.

50 years ago, 1960

The Lewiston-Auburn Jewish Community Center’s Athletic committee will conduct its 7th annual Foul Shooting Contest on Monday at 7 p.m.

The High School Foul Shooting Contest includes players from the basketball squads of Edward Little and Lewiston High School. Winners in the Center’s Foul Shooting Contest will then compete in the State of Maine High School Foul Shooting Contest which will be held in Portland.

Coaches Nat Crowley of Lewiston and Dick Michelsen of Edward Little will help supervise the contest.

25 years ago, 1985

Cigarettes are considered a “gateway drug” to the use of marijuana, according to the Maine Lung Association, which reports that teenagers currently smoking cigarettes are 11 times more likely to be marijuana smokers.

The Lung Association also warns that marijuana use damages the lungs and has introduced a program called “Marijuana: A Second Look” for 9, 10, and 11 year-olds.