Looking Back on January 11

Looking Back on January 11
100 years ago, 1913
 Henry Haskell, employed as one of the crew which is gathering brown-tail moths for the Union Water Power Company, performed a thrilling but rather unpleasant stunt yesterday while engaged at his work at Island Garden, Lewiston, near the Great Falls. The recent storm and freeze had left the tree trunks in an icy condition and when Mr. Haskell attempted to descend with his back to the tree he started to slide. Not daring to punch his climbers in, he slid the 30 feet to the ground, meanwhile hanging to the trunk with great presence of mind and a heavy pair of mittens. He escaped uninjured. Mr. Haskell was formerly manager of the Auburn Pest Exterminating Company.
50 years ago, 1963
Instruction in skiing for Auburn youngsters began yesterday at Pettengill Park in Auburn. The classes, which are open to young people from the first grade through grade nine, are provided through the Auburn Parks and Recreation Department. Classes are held at Pettengill Park and at the slope in back of the New Auburn Fire Substation on South Main Street.
25 years ago, 1988
Both the city manager and school superintendent recommend hiring an outside consultant to find out the best way for those departments to fill in gaps in the three-year-old computer system. The assessment has been triggered by departments frustrated because of the computer’s inefficient performance and the fact that the city is “not as far along computerizing some of the departments,” said City Manager Paula Valente.