Looking Back on January 18


100 years ago, 1913
The Maple Hill panther is again in the limelight, or such other luminary as the vicinity affords. Tracks of the animal or animals were seen yesterday, and have been seen at intervals. “Gramp” Morse, the veteran hunter, has received daily reports and is now determined to investigate. Frank Nash and a crew of men have been logging on Maple Hill, East Auburn, and some have noticed the tracks near a brook. Morse is convinced that the reports that have been received are true and will go prepared to give battle to a panther.

50 years ago, 1963
A public hearing on Lewiston’s master plan, a voluminous document that took more than two years to put together, drew only a handful of citizens last night. Not counting members of the Planning Board, the turnout in the municipal courtroom numbered about 20 persons. The proposed plan will be used as a guide to future municipal development and expansion. It is a wide-ranging document which covers many fields, from land use to capital programming. Strong support came from the Lewiston League of Women Voters.

25 years ago, 1988
Sheets of glare ice on Riverside Drive in Auburn this morning caused four accidents, prompting police to close a portion of the road until sanding crews arrived. Police and wrecker crews were at the scene this morning pulling vehicles out of snow banks and filing accident reports. Freezing drizzle transformed the eight-mile stretch of Riverside Drive, from Vickery Road to inside the Durham border, into an ice rink and some motorists caught on the glaze were left no alternative but to maneuver to the side of the roadway until the pavement was sanded.