Looking Back on January 31


100 years ago, 1913
The offer of the Lewiston Chamber of Commerce of a prize of $20 in gold for the best “Slogan” for the city is evidently going to make a hit. Some early entries are as follows: “Bring the World to Lewiston,” “Don’t Boast, Boost,” “Hub of Maine,” “Humming City,” “Larger, Livelier Lewiston,” “Lewiston for Satisfaction,” “Live Wire City,” “Lewiston Leads All,” “Lift Together for Lewiston.” It should be noted that it will be on no use for anyone to send identically the same wording again, for it is a case of first come, first considered, where there are two alike. It will be well for everyone who proposes to send in a “slogan” to compete to read the lists which will be published in the papers from day-to-day, so as to avoid useless repetitions.

50 years ago, 1963
Highlighting business at the annual meeting of the Lewiston Chamber of Commerce last night was an amendment to the organization’s by-laws, which changes the name of the association to the Lewiston-Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce. A petition signed by 40 Auburn citizens led to the proposal by the board of directors.

25 years ago, 1988
The Auburn City Council tonight will consider an ordinance to establish the intersection at South Main and Broad streets as a permanent four-way stop. The intersection, marked by two steep hills, has a history of stop-and-go plans, none of which quelled its high accident rate, until four-way stop signs and flashing red lights were installed on a trial basis five months ago. They replaced two stop signs and flashing red and yellow lights. In the last three years, there have been 30 accidents reported at the intersection.