Looking Back on January 8


100 years ago, 1913
More panther tracks were found yesterday in the snow back of Charles Record’s house on Maple Hill, Auburn. There were at least two different sizes of tracks, which tends to strengthen belief that there is a whole family of panthers with headquarters in the big swamp between East Auburn and Turner. The tracks found in the snow back of the records house were as large as the print of a man’s hand and were apparently made by a specie of the animal seen by Mr. Partridge last Friday night. People in that section of the town are much alarmed and plans are being made to organize a party to hunt the animals.

50 years ago, 1963
Auburn City Manager Woodbury E. Brackett told the City Council last night of overdrafts in the budget appropriations for local relief and pensions. The manager has warned for some time that the local relief appropriation will show a deficit as welfare loads are considerably higher than anticipated.

25 years ago, 1988
Auburn Mayor Harry W. Woodard’s idea to study how well the city operates will be discussed by city councilors when they meet Monday night, One of Woodard’s inaugural promises was an efficiency study of the City Building to be conducted by a citizens’ blue ribbon advisory committee. City Manager Paula Valente said yesterday the study would focus on the organizational structure of management because “how the top layer is organized affects the subsequent layers.”