Looking Back on May 13, 2011


100 years ago,1911

Said an Auburn man yesterday,”I never saw so many Western horses as there are at present in these two cities. A short time ago, it was a rare thing to see a horse that was afraid of electric cars or automobiles but now there are many of them. I suppose the reason for this is the high prices on good horses at the present time.”

50 years ago, 1961

Robert K. Berry of Auburn has purchased an interest in the Perryville Drug Store and will take over operation of the Turner Street store on June 1.

John M. Lochhead of Auburn has operated the drugstore for some years and in addition has headed a chemical concern for 15 years. He will continue with the chemical company and also retain an interest in the drugstore.

Berry, a registered pharmacist and a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, has been associated the past four years with Packard’s Pharmacy.


25 years ago, 1986

The same manpower and budget problems that Androscoggin County Sheriff Ronald B. Gagnon said forced curtailment of rural patrols by sheriff’s deputies nearly two weeks ago may also kill the possibility of towns contracting with the department for county police protection.

In addition, the situation is pushing department officials to consider the idea of eliminating the rural patrol program altogether and training patrol deputies to become detectives, Gagnon said Monday. He said that plan is a long way off, but it is getting some consideration.

“Hopefully we can work something out,” he said.