Looking Back on May 19, 2010


100 years ago, 1910

A few warm days now and straw hats and summer raiment will blossom out. Feminine straw headgear has been in evidence for some time but the masculine sorts have not been inclined to rush the season in any way and are patiently waiting for real summer weather before putting on toggery that could in any way be considered in advance of the season.

50 years ago, 1960

Students attending the summer school session in Auburn must dress appropriately, said Charles W. Jordan, principal of Webster Junior High School.

No shorts will be allowed nor will the girl students be allowed to appear in class in slacks. Boys must shed their jackets and must wear neat and appropriate slacks and shirts. The same rules will hold for the summer session as were adopted by the Auburn School Department for regular school year dress.


25 years ago, 1985

After seeing the focus of public health change from treating outbreaks of communicable diseases to preventing them, Cecile Levasseur will end a 29-year career in Lewiston’s Public Health Office when she retires in June.

Mrs. Levasseur, 62, said she has seen some “dramatic changes” during her 26 years as Lewiston’s public health officer, a job she called “challenging and exciting.”

Although she doesn’t think she will miss her job, Mrs. Levasseur said she will miss her co-workers.