Looking Back on May 3, 2010


100 years ago, 1910

Lewiston employees of the Postal Telegraph Co. will profit by the recent announcement of the company that on June 1 it will make substantial increases in the salaries of its telegraph operators in all of the important offices throughout the United States. Notice to this effect has been received by manager Dickson of the Lewiston office. The announcement received states that the increases will be selective and will run from 5 to 25 percent.

50 years ago, 1960

Lewiston Sanitary Inspector H. George Poulin noted 457 violations of the municipal health regulations during more than 1,000 inspections of food-handling business establishments during the 1959-60 fiscal year.

Beer parlors, with 229 violations, led the list, according to Poulin’s annual report.

The others: restaurants, 124; grocery stores, 47; variety stores, 14; snack bars, 5; bakeries, 7; wholesalers, 4; caterers and meat processors, 3 each; school cafeteria, 6; clubs, 2; tavern, drugstores (soda fountain), candy manufacturers, ice cream manufacturer and bottling plant, 1 each.


25 years ago, 1985

Central Maine Medical Center officials Wednesday announced the hospital’s latest “progressive” step in health care — the “Special Delivery Center.”

The center is nine rooms on CMMC’s third floor that are being renovated into eight apartments to be used by expectant “low-risk” mothers and their families as private “birthing suites.”

The project aims at taking the institutional feeling out of childbirth and making it more homelike; but at the same time, mothers will be near the neonatal and intensive care units in case of emergencies.