Looking Back on May 8, 2010


100 years ago, 1910

Today will be Children’s Day at the Great Department Store. All the little folks will be received and welcomed and the whole store from the “Daylight Basement” to the “Dainty Lunch Room” on the fourth floor will be theirs to explore and enjoy. The usual rules will be relaxed and the fullest possible freedom will be allowed. To cap the climax, a free lunch of ice cream and cake will be served to all children accompanied by their elders in the “Dainty Lunch Room” on the top floor.

50 years ago, 1960

Lewiston firefighters went to the aid of Deputy Fire Chief Louis Talarico early Saturday afternoon.

The deputy was riding in the fire chief’s car when a minor motor blaze, caused by carburetor trouble, developed at East Avenue and Brann Street. Lacking proper tools to put it out himself, the deputy naturally called firemen. Damage reportedly was minor.


25 years ago, 1985

The Lewiston City Council on Tuesday approved a new two-year labor bargaining agreement with the union representing 99 public works employees, granting the employees a 5.5 percent salary increase in its first year and a 5.75 percent raise in its second year.

The PW union contract was the first labor agreement ratified by the City Council in its current round of negotiations with eight employee unions.