Looking Back on October 13


100 years ago, 1914
Announcement was made Tuesday that the Gem Theatre building, 80 and 92 Lisbon street, had been sold by John T. McCarthy to Abbott Brothers, dry goods and ladies’ garments dealers, 184 Lisbon street, who will take possession on January first, next. Negotiations have been in progress between the two parties for some while past and the trade was consummated some days ago. Announcement of the fact was withheld, however, until Tuesday morning. As slated the new owners will not take possession of the building until January first. Until that time the building will continue as a motion picture theatre.

50 years ago, 1964
The regular Saturday morning routine of several Lewiston Auburn residents was interrupted briefly as passers by, after a double take, stopped to gaze at a three-foot-long alligator strolling along Lewiston’s Park Street. The reptile, naturally, was on the end of a leash. The owner of the ‘gator, Malcolm Garey, 24, of 83 Academy St., Auburn, told the Journal his pet is part of a collection consisting of several species of snake, lizards, turtles, and mice which incidentally, are housed in his apartment. He estimated his present collection at approximately 50 specimens.

25 years ago, 1989
Following a City Council directive, Auburn Planning Board members Thursday voted 4-2 in favor of doubling the city’s downtown building height limit, allowing structures to reach 150 feet north of Court Street. The City Council must still approve the board’s recommendation, but the council had directed the board to approve the 150-foot limit after planners said they were stymied by a lack of policy direction. The same motion included setting a building height limit at 75 feet for a section of the central business district south of Court Street, a historic area whose residents may fight for a 45-foot limit to preserve the character of existing buildings, one official said.

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