Looking Back on October 20


100 years ago, 1914
An agitation has been started among Lewiston school teachers to have the method of paying salaries changed. At the present time the teachers receive their money in ten monthly payments of equal amount. The proposition now advanced is that the year’s salary be paid in twelve monthly installments of equal amounts; that is, where a teacher who receives $600 per year gets ten payments of $60 each, she would receive twelve of $50 each. The reason advanced for the change by those who advocate it is that it would make it so that they would be receiving part of their pay during the summer vacation.

50 years ago, 1964
Maine’s successful harness racing season will wind up at Lewiston Raceway with a five-week “overcoat” session getting under way Monday. Nine dashes will be offered nightly Monday through Saturday. All available stalls on the grounds have been filled for the past two weeks and track conditions are expected to be excellent despite Sunday’s rain. Purses for opening night total more than $3,000.

25 years ago, 1989
It appears there may be another contender for oldest building in the city. Paul Sheehy of 902 Main St. looks out his window every day onto what once was Herrick Tavern and, in later years, home to the George Masse family. After reading an article in Saturday’s Sun Journal about the David Davis house being dismantled, Sheehy thought he recalled a previous story about the house across the street. In the recent piece, city officials and local historians said they believed the Merton Parker home at 47 Russell St., built in 1781, was the oldest building, but the July 4, 1976, edition of the Lewiston Evening Journal said the Herrick Tavern was approaching its 200th birthday. Israel Herrick, the article states, came to Lewiston in 1774 from Boxford, Mass. Records indicate that the Herricks built the tavern between 1775 and 1780, which would mean the building would beat out the Parker homestead by at least a year.

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