Looking Back on October 23


100 years ago, 1914
William Tell sportsmen left Lewiston in a private car Friday morning bound for Spencer pond, Moosehead, the reserves of the sporting club, famous in song and story. Many of the clubmen were in the regulation green mackinaws, and costume prescribed. The lake will be crossed in the afternoon, the walk-in made before night, and the annual excursion into the Maine woods will have begun. The car was well stocked with foodstuffs and clothes and rifles in charge of Ralph Cuddy, a hotel chef from Florida who had made the trip before and knows the tastes and appetites of the William Tell as he does his cook book.

50 years ago, 1964
Members of the Auburn-Lewiston Clean-up Committee said today “they suddenly realized” there will be two clean-up campaigns underway in the communities next week; its own drive to remove fire and health hazards in the two cities and the United Fund’s final efforts to clean up its month long campaign for funds for its 27 member agencies. In a statement today, the Clean-up Committee said, “Today we suddenly realized that there will be two campaigns underway next week.” And they are campaigns that are vital to the progress and betterment of these communities.

25 years ago, 1989
Escalating property taxes, overdevelopment and environmental concerns are uppermost in the minds of local readers, according to the results of an informal poll conducted by the Sun-Journal. A few weeks ago, a question box ran in the newspaper asking readers to tell us what they believed the top issues were in the coming election. Twenty-two readers responded, tackling 15 different topics.

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