Looking Back on April 22


100 years ago, 1917
Rotarians of Lewiston and Auburn, at Tuesday’s noon luncheon, threw themselves heart and soul, into cooperating with the Maine Public Safety committee; and their particular work will be enlisting boys from 12 to 18 years of age for farm labor. Humble tho the tasks on Androscoggin County farms may seem, with no uniform nor brigades and officers, yet no more service is more important in this spring crisis, when big crops must be raised and the one big cry from the farmers is for help. Rotarians desire it to be understood that this movement to enlist the boys for farming operations will not conflict with local school gardening plans or the work of the Gardeners’ Union. It is intended to reach hundreds of other boys who will hire out on the farms at reasonable wages.

50 years ago, 1967
(Editorial) One of the outstanding events in the history of Bates College commencements was the honoring at this 101st commencement of Prof. Brooks Quimby, who is retiring from the college staff after many years of distinguished service as head of the college’s Department of Speech. An active participant both in college and community affairs, Prof. Quimby was noted for his success in the development of debating tennis that won national and international fame. Many a successful lawyer and politician of today owes much to the tutelage of this talented Turner native. Prof. Quimby helped many a young man and woman over the hurdle of learning how to become articulate. In this era it is essential for young people to develop this talent. This is not a world of promise for those who are unable to express themselves verbally.

25 years ago, 1992
The death of the Downtown Development District seemed all but certain after a meeting Tuesday when the Lewiston City Council rejected a Planning Board recommendation to keep the district. The council, voting 5-2 on a motion, sided with disgruntled property owners who voiced their opposition to the district surtax, ordering staff to draft an ordinance to abolish the district.

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