Looking Back on November 11


100 years ago, 1917
A persistent rumor was heard in Auburn Monday morning to the effect that Lewiston people were endeavoring to obtain the Conant & Andrews lot, so-called, where that firm operates a livery stable, with the idea of erecting a theater thereon. That there is something more than idle gossip behind the rumor of a new theater is evident from talk with business men of the sister city. One man says, “Give Auburn a theater and a department store, and it would be on the map.” There have been other rumors of a theater in Auburn. The ill-starred theatrical venture in New Auburn is not taken to mean that a playhouse in the business section of the city proper would not be a paying venture. Auburn people want a theater of their own.

50 years ago, 1967
“The Story of Auburn, Maine” was presented to judges of the All-America Cities competition this afternoon at Milwaukee, Wisc., by a delegation from Auburn. Carleton J. Bradbury, a vice-president of the Casco Bank and Trust Co. in Auburn traced the development of the city during the past five years. In his introductory remarks, Bradbury told the judges that the community’s rejuvenation was not “a single climactic event which changes the fortunes of our city. Rather, it is the story of our gradual recovery from the cumulative adverse effects of a deteriorating economic base of shoe and textile manufacturing adverse effects which reached critical proportions in the early 1960s,” he said.

25 years ago, 1992
It’s never too late to get a pat on the back and a little respect. That’s the message that 96-year-old Leo Chenard gave after receiving an award Wednesday for his service in World War I. “It makes me feel proud,” said Chenard in the lobby of Schooner Estates, the Auburn retirement home in which he lives. “Although it’s a little overdue, probably.” Chenard was acknowledged Wednesday, Veterans Day, by members of American Legion Post 22 and two dozen friends and neighbors.

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