Looking Back on November 29


100 years ago, 1917
For some years, O.H. Olfene of the Olfene Public Market Company has made the mincemeat which he has sold in his store from a formula which he himself prepared. More recently he has supplied some other dealers with this product, and has received a great many favorable comments on the mincemeat. A week or so ago, A. W. Dorr of Boston, a hotel and restaurant supply house which also owns several retail stores heard about the Olfene mincemeat and asked that a hundred pounds be sent them us a sample. It received such favorable results that they immediately placed a very large order. Last week he sent them twenty-five hundred pounds, and he arranged to send them twenty-five hundred pounds a week for ten weeks. Mr. Olfene tells The Sun that if his other business did not require so much of his attention he would push on a large scale this mincemeat manufacture.

50 years ago, 1967
A five-passenger Beech Craft plane from Massachusetts made a safe landing shortly before 8 p m. Tuesday at the Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport as Auburn firemen stood by. The plane had reported there were indications of landing gear trouble and had requested that emergency preparations be made at the airport.

25 years ago, 1992
The Auburn City Council Monday authorized City Manager Steve Lewis to sign a $386,555 contract for improvements to the municipal ice rink at Pettengill Park. The Auburn Youth Hockey Association wants the rink enclosed in order to maximize the ice time that can be rented from November through March.

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