Looking Back on November 7


100 years ago, 1917
Lewiston and Auburn are today facing the most serious sugar famine in their history. There is not one place in the two cities, so far as those in intimate touch with the situation can discover, at which a spoonful of granulated or brown sugar can be bought. There is a little powdered sugar and this is rapidly going out. In Lewiston-Auburn are three big wholesale firms, from which the retailers obtain their sugar supply. The wholesalers, in turn, are largely dependent upon the Boston refiners. “We can buy no sugar,” say the retailers. “The wholesalers will not sell us any.” “There in none to sell,” explain the wholesalers. “The Boston firms cannot fill our orders.” Granulated sugar gave out in most of the markets early in the week.

50 years ago, 1967
“Those who stay home from the polls on any election day are poor citizens. Those who stay home today are worse than that — for by not voting, they will set back education in Maine 50 years,” Lewiston Rep. Louis Jalbert said today as he urged voter support in today’s election. One of the constitutional amendments, if passed, will make educational loans available to Maine students — the state money to be matched by Federal funds.

25 years ago, 1992
The Mount Apatite Study Committee wants the City of Auburn to expand the scope of the park off of Garfield Road by applying for federal funds to put in more trails and upgrade the cross country ski area. Current plans call for funding a park at Mount Apatite with funds from the timber harvesting of the park. Logger Lawrence Peace has signed a contract with the city promising to pay $184,600 by next May for the trees he takes during a selective cutting that started last month.

The material in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspellings and errors made at that time may be corrected.