Looking Back on September 12


100 years ago, 1917
Much damage was done to the crops in this section of the State by the killing frost yesterday morning. One Auburn farmer speaking of the frost said, “It would be difficult to estimate the amount of damage done. In the low-lands whole crops were ruined, and everywhere in this section, according to the reports that have come to me, great damage was done.” It was the first severe frost of the season.

50 years ago, 1967
Former Auburn City Councilman Clyde E. Goudey fended off a strong bid by ex-policeman William E. Corey in Auburn’s biennial non-partisan election Monday to gain the city’s mayoralty post by a plurality of 372 votes. The unofficial returns showed Goudey polled 1,841 votes in the three-way race while Corey tallied 1,469 votes and State Rep. Donald J. Bernard netted 1,077. Voters also elected three new councilmen, Atty. William B. Skelton II in Ward One, Atty. John R. Linnell in Ward Two, and Eugene Emery in Ward Three. Councilmen John W. Duddy of Ward Four and Andre S. Potvin of Ward Five were unopposed. Two referendum questions were also approved by the voters. The question which gives the city a new charter was adopted by a vote of 2,482 to 1,524.

25 years ago, 1992
A local businessman who once owned three of the city’s largest mills has re-acquired one of his former holdings — Continental Mills. Robert A. Roy Sr. confirmed Thursday that he closed the deal last week to become sole owner of the property, which will now be known as Roy-Continental Mills. He declined to offer details of the transaction, saying only that he bought the mill from a Portland bank. “I imagine it could have been a foreclosure,” Roy said.

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