Looking Back on September 16


100 years ago, 1917
The New England Coal Committee has issued a circular letter addressed to the “Citizens of New England” urging that everyone avoid waste of coal and to consider carefully how his coal requirements can be reduced. It suggests the use of oil heaters and also advises that wood be burned whenever possible. It advised “not to use coal for heating before the first of November or after the first of May, unless the temperature of the buildings is below 60 degrees. Already many Lewiston and Auburn people have taken measures to keep their fuel consumption down to the minimum, both for personal and patriotic reasons. In several instances householders will cut down the area to be heated this winter and are planning to use a third less coal than they used last winter.

50 years ago, 1967
Several thousand persons took advantage of fine weather Saturday and Sunday to view the Tall Pines Town Houses development off Northwood Drive and Montello Street Extension, Lewiston, and it was reported commitments were made on 75 of 152 apartments offered to middle-income families. The first occupancy of one of the units is set for Sept. 22.

25 years ago, 1992
The Auburn School Department’s dreams of constructing a new $8 million elementary school were dashed Wednesday as residents overwhelmingly rejected a referendum on the building project by a vote of 3,855 to 1,274. The school, which was to have opened in September 1994, was expected to house 800 of the city’s kindergartners through sixth-grade pupils and would have resulted in the closing of four other elementary schools. “A three-to-one margin is pretty severe, but the economic times are tough right now,” said Superintendent Rick Fenton. “Maybe this just isn’t the time to be building new schools.”

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