Looking Back on September 18


100 years ago, 1917
Much excitement but no damage resulted from a runaway in Auburn yesterday morning. Three horses abreast were harnessed to a mowing machine and were left standing in front of a blacksmith shop on Mechanics Row. They ran up Turner street and were stopped by people on the street near the watering trough.

50 years ago, 1967
(Photo Caption) The larger Beech Craft Queen Airliner went into service this week for Executive Airlines out of the Auburn-Lewiston Airport. Louis P. Gagne Jr., station manager, said the new plane will have a seating capacity of ten, and will be utilized on the Auburn-to-Boston run for Executive Airline.

25 years ago, 1992
Nearly 30 people gathered Thursday to discuss their German heritage and its role in the early development of Lewiston-Auburn. One of a series of events sponsored by Horizons 55, German Day is one of 12 days geared toward particular ethnic groups that settled in the Twin Cities. The days are part of a program, “Roots: A Celebration of our Cultural Heritage.” The program is part of “L/A Celebrates,” a larger celebration of cultural heritage now going on through mid-October. Wednesday was Irish Day and Tuesday was Polish Day. Next week, the group will hold Italian, English/Scottish and Jewish days that will be marked at Horizon 55’s Senior Health Information Center at the Lewiston Mall. Through Oct. 8, other days include Lithuanian, Greek, French, African and Asian.

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