Looking Back on September 20


100 years ago, 1917
Rumors have been heard to the effect that at least two people on a certain street in Auburn have received letters from soldiers across the water saying they were obliged to pay for sweaters and socks which the Red Cross was supposed to give to them. C.E. Williams, chairman of the Lewiston-Auburn Red Cross, believing that such stories were unfounded, and knowing that a representative of the Red Cross could not be authorized to do such an unjust thing, offered in the interest of the Red Cross a sum of $25 for a letter which proves such a transaction.

50 years ago, 1967
In its continuing campaign to emphasize the need for the safe operation of bicycles in the city, Auburn police Wednesday impounded two bicycles being driven by youths. Police on routine patrol observed two instances of youngsters riding bikes in a manner not in accordance with Maine law. On one, a passenger was being carried on the handlebars and on the second the passenger was riding double with the operator, In both instances the bicycles were impounded for five days in accordance with state law.

25 years ago, 1992
Two Auburn men have spent the last week in the Miami area as American Red Cross volunteers, assisting victims of Hurricane Andrew. Nate Marvin and Bob Poulin, both disaster volunteers in the Tri-County Chapter are on three-week assignments in the Miami area. Since Hurricane Andrew struck, the local chapter has raised more than $12,000.

The material in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspellings and errors made at that time may be corrected.