Looking Back on September 29


100 years ago, 1917
Millettville in Norway was a busy place Monday evening, when nearly forty in the neighborhood gathered at the home of A. J. and F. L. Millett for an old-fashioned husking. About 200 bushels of corn was husked belonging to the Milletts. Elmer Morrill, Philip F. Stone and Forest Longley from the village were guests. Mrs. Frank Millett and Mrs. Elmer Morrill served a delicious regulation husking supper of boiled beans, brown bread, salad, apple and pumpkin pies, doughnuts, cheese and coffee. The evening was a lively one, as well as a merry one.

50 years ago, 1967
Bernard Liberi Jr. of Norway, employed by Francine Shoe Co., was named Wednesday night as regional director of the Maine Region, New England Shoe Foremen-Superintendents Association. The election was held at Steckino’s Restaurant in Lewiston. Liberi succeeds Edward Spence of Lewiston.

25 years ago, 1992
An 800-pound bull moose with an apparent affection for in-ground swimming pools was captured in Lewiston at a Brault Street yard Monday after his second citified dip in as many days. The moose was tranquilized by David Wilbur, superintendent of the state game farm in Gray, before being lifted into a pickup truck and taken away. Mark Adams’ swimming pool wasn’t the first in which the animal decided to take a dip. It had been spotted a day earlier in another pool on Webber Avenue, according to police Lt. Andrew D’Eramo.

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