Looking Back on September 4


100 years ago, 1917
Three persons were injured when the 6:15 westbound train crashed into an auto owned and driven by C. W. Bagley of 6 Lafayette street, Lewiston. Riding with him were Mr. and Mrs. Rager of 41 Spring street this city. While none of the occupants were seriously hurt, the car was badly damaged. Mr. Bagley was driving down Holland street. As he approached the M.C.R. R. crossing he heard the bell of the shifter and waited a few minutes until the shifting engine passed, going east. It is believed the clanging of the bell drowned the noise of the oncoming westbound train, which was not heard by any of the party until the auto was on the track. The train struck the rear end of the auto throwing it about 25 feet, but the occupants were not thrown out. However, the jolt was sufficient to render Mr. Rager unconscious.

50 years ago, 1967
Part of Lewiston’s traffic problem came one step closer to some solution today at a meeting in the mayor’s office. The project would involve the demolition of three buildings on the south side of Main Street between the Androscoggin River and Lincoln Street and the possible widening of Main Street by taking a few feet of sidewalk on the northerly side. All would be in an effort to widen the approaches to the Lewiston side of North Bridge.

25 years ago, 1992
Auburn Middle School’s cross country program is up and running again, thanks to a $1,058 donation from a city resident who wants to remain anonymous. The School Committee gratefully accepted the donation Wednesday night, with the stipulation that student participation fees make up the other $420 needed to fully fund the sport. AMS Principal Dick Brouillette said raising the $420 shouldn’t be a problem, assuming 21 students go out for the team and each pays a $20 fee. That was the number that participated last year, he noted.

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