Looking Back on September 9


100 years ago, 1917
Chief Nickerson of the Auburn police department, in commenting on the statement of the Auburn citizen regarding the conduct of the automobiles near Dennison street and Gamage avenue, said, “We are as yet unable to learn just what the law is that we are supposed to enforce in regard to the lights, cutouts and speed of automobiles. When we have the law straightened out so that we know where we are at, we will act accordingly.

50 years ago, 1967
Although a delighted audience of Twin Cities residents surrounded a treed raccoon Friday afternoon in Kennedy Park, Lewiston, the coon itself was pretty unimpressed with all the attention it was getting and seemed more interested in catching a few winks before nightfall. Police reported Friday night that although the raccoon was still in the tree, “he will climb down when the street noise quiets down this morning.”

25 years ago, 1992
The new Hebron Academy Lower School opened Wednesday morning, ushering in its first school year with 12 pupils ages 4 to 7. Classes are being held at the Charles P. Wight building on Holbrook Road, Auburn, where the private school has a two-year lease with the city. Among the school’s features are its clustered classroom. The 12 pupils have two teachers. The school says it offers parents an alternative to the public school system’s traditional — but increasingly overcrowded — age-based classrooms.

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