Looking for World War III


We must be really stupid.

We must give up our freedom of speech (First Amendment rights) to support our troops?

No, we don’t have to be Bush patriots in order to support our troops. We can best support our troops by bringing them home.

Also, we can best be patriots by impeaching George W. Bush.

We’ve been sucked in on a slick Karl Rove manipulation of words to equate any administration criticism as “supporting terrorism.” Further, as pointed out by Leonard Pitts Jr.’s column of April 19, we are now sucked in on a false paranoia about Iran’s distant future nuclear fears.

I rather fear Israel’s hundreds of nuclear arms, now available, and Bush’s fears of his low ratings and a need for some excuse to start his heroic Third World War.

If only President Bush would start telling the truth.

It’s time to awaken and speak out.

Stephen Drane, Auburn