A lot of explaining to do


As a “Dear valued community member” (according to a letter mailed to the community from RSU 4 Superintendent of Schools James Hodgkin), I am puzzled and dismayed at the School Department.

That letter, sent July 9 seeking support for the proposed budget, says the School Board cut the budget by $51,000 and got additional funding of $176,000 from the state.

It also states that all three towns will see a reduction in taxes as follows: Litchfield, $22,077; Sabattus, $73,479; and Wales $21,248. My fourth-grade math tells me there is $110,181 left unaccounted for, unless the reduction is from last year’s taxes, which the Litchfield town office says it isn’t.

Seems to me the Superintendent of Schools’ office has used some funny math and has a lot of explaining to do.

There is no reduction in tax, as stated; rather, less money to be raised than originally proposed. If it is a reduction from last year’s budget, an educated person should state so.

Cal Brown, Litchfield