Lower costs for everyone


I read with great interest the Sun Journal guest column by state Sens. Rodney Whittemore and Lois Snowe-Mello, “Health insurance can be affordable” (May 8).

It is exciting that, since the election, Maine’s Legislature is interested in ideas from other states that will lower costs and increase access for everyone.

For too long, Democrats have promoted failure in Maine’s individual insurance market as a means to promote a government takeover of health care. The Democratic Legislature’s agenda resulted in Maine being last on Forbes’ business list.

It used to be that Maine had more than a dozen health insurance companies writing policies. Now, there are three. According to information in the forum, Anthem has only 163 policies in Maine for 18-24 year-olds. In neighboring New Hampshire, they have 1,727.

Lower costs for everyone won’t happen without more people able to buy insurance.

I am glad Snowe-Mello is back in the Senate with like-minded people who want Maine to succeed.

Elizabeth Liscomb, Durham