‘Lucky guy’ turning 77 on 7/7/07


GREENE – George Farris only got to thinking about the unusual run of numbers – turning 77 on 7/7 – this year.

It makes sense. He feels lucky.

Farris, born in Leeds, has sales awards all over the walls at Farris Equipment; he even won trips to Mexico and Hawaii once. In 1989 he survived a triple-bypass. He’s been married to Dell for 50-plus years.

“We’ve had ups and downs, we’ve come through them pretty good,” Farris said Friday, dressed out in a blue work uniform. There aren’t plans to retire. He sort of plays at work once a week.

“Thursdays, there’s a guy that comes down the street that bothers me, we go golfing,” he said.

Farris started a construction firm, going in business for himself, on Nov. 22, 1963. He remembers a woman running past the job site in Lewiston, waiving her hands, saying, “The president’s been shot.”

He started the equipment business at the site of the old Coburn Mill on Route 202 in 1965.

The couple have three boys, “no girls. I tried. I may still try again for a girl,” he chuckled.

Farris, who’s handled several big Department of Transportation contracts, says proudly that each son has been foreman on a bridge project in Maine.

Family will celebrate his birthday today at one son’s house. His last surviving brother, up from Georgia, will be there.

He’ll buy a lottery ticket, because you never know. As for presents, Farris didn’t ask for anything special.

“I think I’ve got everything. I’m pretty lucky.”

– Kathryn Skelton