Ludden Library lists new materials


DIXFIELD — Ludden Memorial Library has announced the new arrivals for December and January. 

Adult fiction: Dying is My Business, Kaufmann; Drawn into Darkness, Springer; Something I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You, Munro; The Last Runaway, Chevalier; Hostage, Hooper; Fallen Women, Dallas; Forget Me Not, Michaels; The Signature of All Things, Gilbert; The Abominable, Simmons; Command Authority, Clancy; The Gods of Guilt, Connelly; Billionaire Blend, Coyle; Wake the Dawn, Snelling; Massacre Pond, Doiron; The Death Trade, Higgins; Robert B Parker’s Bull River, Knott; River Road, Krentz; Anatomy of A Haunting, Strong; Once Upon a Winter’s Heart, Carlson; Killing Cupid, Levine; Dead of Night, Harris; Standup Guy, Woods; First Love, Patterson; Eggs in a Casket, Childs; Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival, Chiaverini; Dark Wolf, Feehan; The Invention of Wings, Kidd; Fear Nothing, Gardner; The Calling, Fisher; Plain Murder, Miller; A Promise Kept, Hatcher; All Things Hidden, Peterson; Mercy Snow, Baker; Under the Wide and Starry Sky, Horan; A Star for Mrs. Blake, Smith.

Adult nonfiction: DIY Braids, Coefield; Modern Color: An Illustrated guide to dyeing fabric; For Modern Quilts, Eichler-Messmer; The 17 Day Diet: Breakthrough Edition, Moreno; The Bully Pulpit, Goodwin; Happy, Happy, Happy:My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander ; The Kid: The Immortal Life of Ted Williams, Bradlee; Lace One-Skein Wonders; 7 Years Younger-the Anti-Aging Breakthrough Diet; Decoding Your Dog.Adult fiction, large print: All The Pretty Hearses, Daheim; The Lady Most Likely, Quinn; Maggie’s Man, Scott; The Lighthouse Road, Geye; Plain Peace, Wiseman; Brandon’s Bride, Scott; The Last Lawman, Brandvold; Fallen Woman, Dallas; Willowleaf Lane, Thayne; The Perfect Match, Higgins.

Juvenile fiction: Awaken, Cabot; Counting by 7s, Sloan; Unhooking the Moon, Hughes; Deadly, Shepard; Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool, Dean; Never Ever, Empson; Bella’s Rules, Guest; Curious George Car Wash, Bartynski; It Wasn’t My Fault, Lester; Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses, Dean; Odd Duck, Castellucci; Horizon, Noel; The Darkest Minds, Bracken; Hello, My Name is Ruby, Stead; Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, Brown; Wild Born, Mull; Hunted, Stiefvater; The Vanishing, Holt; Dark Waters, Holt; The Long Road, Holt; Better Nate Than Never, Federle; 20 Big Trucks in the Middle of the Street, Lee; Grumpy Groundhog, Wright; Dream Animals, Martin; Simpsons Supermom.

Juvenile nonfiction: Guinness World Records 2014: Gamer’s Edition; The Secret Pool, Ridley; Dino Tracks, Donald.

Audio CDs: A Christmas Hope, Perry; Deadly Heat, Castle; Robert B. Parker’s Bull River, Knott; Innocence, Koontz; The Memory Jar, Goyer; The Promise Box, Goyer; Bones in Her Pocket, Reichs; Seaview Inn, Woods; Standup Guy, Woods

DVDs: The Mortal Instruments; Never Land Rescue; Fast and Furious; Despicable Me 2; A Pocket for Corduroy; Fireman Sam – Heroic Rescue Adventures; Fireman Sam – Rescue on the Water; Peep and the Big Wide World; The Horses of McBride; Mary Poppins; Christmas Angel in the House; Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Season 3; Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters; Elysium; Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Season 4; The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor; The Mummy Returns.

Adult paperbacks: The House on Main Street, McCoy; Miracle Road, March; Savage Texas: The Stampeders, Johnstone; In Love With A Wicked Man, Carlyle; The Thrill of the Haunt, Copperman; Moonlight Kiss, McLane; Fixing to Die, Viets; Dirt Road Home, Key; Reckless Nights, Krentz; Gypsy Lord, Martin; No Escape, Burton; Golden Malicious, Connolly; Promise Me Texas, Thomas; Zero – Degree Murder, Rowland; Island Promises, Thayne; Brothers in Blood, Richards; Longarm and the Star Saloon, Evans.