M. Dostie: Resurface plan works for Lisbon Street


As a business owner on Lisbon Street, I support the proposed resurfacing project slated for the summer of 2015. Many concerns have been voiced at two public meetings and through social media ranging from criticism about the lack of improved parking, apprehension about the evening interruption, a small outcry for a modified traffic pattern, even my own uncertainty about the overall aesthetics of the project.

The reality? This is not a complete overhaul of the dynamics of Lisbon Street but, rather, a resurfacing of the current layout. It will be funded primarily by the Maine Department of Transportation with the city of Lewiston advocating and investing to further enhance the overall outcome.

Personally, I would prefer to see the curbing reconfigured to allow diagonal parking and more spaces, but the logistics of such modification would not only drive the costs up five- and six-fold, but would extend the interruption to downtown traffic and businesses to two seasons of construction.

I am confident city administration will be receptive to the needs of the local businesses, as they are the very backbone of our city’s ongoing renaissance. I look forward to working with city staff to help identify resources to improve the aesthetics of the final outcome.

I believe this project will make doing business in downtown challenging for much of next summer, but the results will be better for everyone on Lisbon Street until the day comes when we can afford to take Lisbon Street to the next level.

Michael Dostie, Lewiston