M. Grover: Leave hatred behind


This is in response to William Van Tassel’s letter (Feb. 11). He compares President Barack Obama to a “Marxist, a statist, a socialist and a communist.” He goes on to write, “Not surprisingly, someone doesn’t know what defines a Christian.” Van Tassel goes on to say the president “uses passages from Scripture for his own personal agenda.”

It always amazes me how some Christians are so quick to use hatred when trying to promote their stand on an issue. Doesn’t the Bible teach us to act like Christ? To try to spread love and peace?

And many people use quotes from the Bible to forward their agendas, including Van Tassel. He quoted a passage in which apostle Paul said, “If any would not work, neither should he eat.” Was Paul saying that those who can’t help themselves should be left to starve to death? That person might be sick, injured or could not find a job. Even if that person is one lazy bum, unwilling to work, doesn’t Jesus tell us “to love thy neighbor as you love yourself?”

When it comes to politics, people will have different opinions, which is fine.

I believe that government plays an important role in our lives. Without it, we would not have Social Security, Medicare, unemployment benefits, food stamps,  loans/grants for education and so on. Is the government perfect? Of course not.

Rather than attacking others, we should look within ourselves at our own souls to find peace and seek justice.

Michael Grover, Greene