M. Jalbert: Not a valid reason


The constant paranoia from the NRA and its members with their constant fear that their guns (toys, hardly) are going to be taken from them just constantly makes me crazy.

All I have heard is talk about trying to be more responsible regarding gun ownership and which guns should or shouldn’t be allowed.

To me, there is absolutely no need for any citizen to own any weapon with automatic or rapid fire capability, or 30-plus round magazines. I do not see any other reason for an individual citizen having such. Firepower needs should be the business of law enforcement officials and the military.

I believe most rank and file members want weapons for the purpose of personal enjoyment, such as target practice, competitive marksmanship contests, hunting game and, as some claim, for protection.

Unfortunately, we live in a big world with a lot of people with a lot of ideas and some will act on their ideas, good or bad.

I don’t see trying to control the weapons I have mentioned as a bad idea, but I am sure there are some who won’t agree simply because they want what they want. It isn’t about need, it is about ownership.

To me, that is not a valid reason.

Marc A.J. Jalbert, Lewiston