M. Kondas: Walk in our shoes


I see that the federal and state governments are going after the poor and the middle class. The state is trying to make it more difficult to draw unemployment compensation and workers’ compensation.

There have been proposed cuts to MaineCare but no proposal for an increase in the minimum wage.

Republicans are in the majority in Congress. They were going to create jobs. So, where are the jobs? Only Congress can make and pass laws. The president can’t be blamed. The president can only veto laws. The House has a majority of Republicans who can override a presidential veto with a two-thirds majority.

By the way, why aren’t federal and state elected officials proposing cuts for themselves in pay and benefits? Elections are in nine months. Those elected officials who have cut funds for the people could join the line of the unemployed.

Maybe they should try living on minimum wage or disability.

Michael Kondas Jr., Jay