M. Newell: Obama should re-read Constitution


There are 100 senators, 435 congressmen, one president and nine Supreme Court justices, which equals 545 human beings, out of the 300 million citizens of this country, who are directly responsible for all the nation’s fiscal and domestic problems that it faces today. Does that make any sense?

And those elected leaders tell the public every day that the problems are not of their doing. They each place the blame on the other side of the aisle or blame former presidents — blame anyone but themselves.

Barack Obama has inflicted a $16 trillion debt on us and wants more. He wants no limits to his spending spree and claims Congress does not have the power to stop him. Sounds like he doesn’t understand the Constitution or would rather ignore it.

Congress has the power; he is only allowed to agree or disagree.

The Second Amendment of the Constitution gives United States citizens the right to bear arms, and that right shall not be infringed upon. Obama is trying to infringe upon that right.

A government that tries to disarm its people is a government fearful of its people. And when a government disarms its people, it no longer becomes a government ruled by the people; it becomes a dictatorship — a government that rules the people. The first step is disarming the people, just as Hitler did.

Obama is not the sole power in this country. He is but a small part of a constitutional government. He needs to re-read the Constitution and follow it.

Mary Jane Newell, Oxford