Mac computer needs service


GOOD MORNING SUN SPOTS: I’m looking for a reputable Mac computer repair person/company. I think my Mac has malware as it’s running very slowly. I hope you have some trustworthy recommendations in your Rolodex. Thanks. — No Name via email

ANSWER: Sun Spots has a few computer repairmen, but she doesn’t have a breakdown of their services or what systems they work on. 

* Jim Fish, Action Computers, 87 Essex St., Lewiston, 207-786-8740

* Josh Michaud and Jeff Chaisson, Expenet Technologies, Wilton,

* Bits and Bytes Computer Services, 222 Main St., Lovell

Also see the next letter is from David, who also works on computers.

And finally, you can also visit the Geek Squad at Best Buy for help on most any computer.

If anyone knows of other options, please write to Sun Spots.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In June I submitted a letter warning about a phone scam saying your computer is infected and we need to fix it right away. These calls are still occurring; my wife got two of them this month. Do not let them on your computer! Just hang up. They only want your personal information and credit card numbers.

When I sent in the first warning of these calls, I was contacted by an Auburn gentleman who wanted help setting up his new computer. My old laptop crashed, and I lost his contact information. If he still needs help, he can contact me. — David Bergeron, [email protected], 207-754-5081

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I enjoy watching old movie pictures. I noticed on many film credits the names Bud, Wally, and Perc Westmore. Are the Westmores related? Brothers? Father/son? — No Name via email

ANSWER: Not only are they related, they are but a small part of the large dynasty of Westmores in the “biz.”

You can read about them, see photos and peruse a list of all the generations and what they’ve done at Here is an excerpt:

“The Westmore family is a prominent family in Hollywood makeup. Led by their patriarch, George Westmore, the family has had four generations serve Hollywood as makeup artists in various capacities since George’s establishment of Hollywood’s first makeup department in 1917.

“The English wigmaker George Westmore, for whom the Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild’s George Westmore Lifetime Achievement Award is named, founded the first (and tiny) film makeup department, at Selig Studio in 1917. He also worked at Triangle but soon was freelancing across the major studios.

“He understood that cosmetic and hair needs were personal and would make up stars such as Mary Pickford (whom he relieved of having to curl her famous hair daily by making false ringlets) or the Talmadge sisters (Norma and Constance) in their homes before they left for work in the morning.

“He fathered three legendary and scandalous generations of movie makeup artists, beginning with his six sons — Perc, Ern, Monte, Wally, Bud and Frank — who soon eclipsed him in Hollywood. By 1926, Monte, Perc, Ern and Bud had penetrated the industry to become the chief makeup artists at four major studios, and all continued to break ground in new beauty and horror illusions until the end of their careers.”

The Westmore Family even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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