Maine Campus Compact raising funds, awareness


LEWISTON – Maine Campus Compact, a coalition of 17 college and university presidents committed to the civic purposes of higher education, recently joined a growing list of organizations to utilize the SunriseGuide, a new book that is sparking a fundraising trend across southern Maine.

A 130-page coupon book, the SunriseGuide educates communities about environmentally friendly living and promotes local businesses while raising funds for local organizations and schools. With each book sold, Maine Campus Compact keeps a portion of the profits.

“Maine Campus Compact is using the SunriseGuide to fundraise for our spring Campus Sustainability Conference,” said Liz McCabe Park, group executive director. “It’s a great fundraiser for us because the products and services in the guide promote sustainable living, and that’s what our conference is about too. Really, the match couldn’t be better.”

Packed with ideas on simple ways Mainers can establish healthier and more sustainable lifestyles, the SunriseGuide is filled with coupons for locally-operated businesses that promote eco-friendly living. With more than $4,500 in coupons, organizations sell the books to the public for $20 and retain 40 to 50 percent of the profits.

“By selling the books and keeping a significant percentage of the earnings, organizations and schools across southern Maine are raising money while educating the public around sustainable actions,” said Heather Chandler, founder of the SunriseGuide.

Exploring diverse topics in six chapters, the SunriseGuide is filled with copy and correlating coupons, covering everything from food/dining, home/garden, travel/transportation, health/outdoor living, fashion/personal care to community/entertainment.

Published annually, the guide is available online, at local retail outlets and through fundraising drives under way. To support Maine Campus Compact’s fundraising efforts, visit For a listing of participating retailers and fund drives, visit