It’s Maine; it’ll be cold


Michael Skaggs’ letter (Jan. 14) said “maybe it will take more days of record warmth to finally open the eyes of disbelievers.” I wonder if, next week, we will see a letter warning of the coming ice age because of recent cold weather.

There are very few people in the world that argue global warming is not occurring. What is debatable is how much warming there will be over a certain time period, and whether or not humans are causing the warming. I would question why Skaggs believes that only those who believe that global warming is caused by human actions should be allowed to exercise their right to free speech.

This attitude is summed up with “if it’s not true, why would they bother?” toward skeptics. I wonder how people falsely accused of a crime would feel if told that. If you know you didn’t do it, why bother to defend yourself? Just go to jail!

After this dazzling logic, it becomes a “moral responsibility” to promote a movie. Would anyone keep a straight face if I said that it was my moral responsibility to say that every American should shop at L.L. Bean or eat at Burger King. Mr. Gore is not a scientist; he’s a politician with an agenda.

Skaggs might forego his winter coat for sunscreen, but common sense says that we still live in Maine, and we will still have cold weather.

Jason Ready, Windsor